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Founded in 2003, The Delivering Group is one of the most innovative sales, marketing and distribution consultancies in Asia Pacific, providing a one-stop shop for highly effective digital and offline solutions for the hospitality and tourism sectors, with a presence and partner networks in key global markets.

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The global travel situation

Finding the Path to Recovery

The Covid-19 pandemic has inflicted unprecedented damage on the travel and tourism industry worldwide. As the sector contributes 10% of global GDP and employs 319 million+ people, the scale of the economic and social impact is significant. However, while outbreaks including variant strains continue to appear across the world, there are promising signs that higher vaccination rates, along with social distancing and contact tracing measures, are helping to successfully combat the virus. As a result, travel restrictions are being gradually eased, raising hopes for a sustained recovery in the not-too-distant future.

The immediate opportunity now is to tap into re-emerging markets and travel segments, especially domestically and intra-regionally, where travel is permitted.


We are helping hotels, travel companies and destinations take advantage of emerging opportunities.

The way forward

Your One-Stop Shop

Hospitality and tourism companies across the globe are increasingly looking to adopt new business models and solutions to succeed in the new normal operating environment brought about by the pandemic. But organisations are struggling with the challenge of selecting the right partners and solutions from so many different suppliers and digital platforms, all focusing on different touchpoints in the customer journey. That's where we come in!

The Delivering Group offers you a convenient one-stop shop for business solutions tailored to meet your needs. We have curated a suite of solutions and services that we know, from our years of experience in travel, tourism and hospitality, are the best in kind, including AI-powered chatbot solutions, online booking platforms, revenue management tools, customer engagement, marketing, sales, distribution, representation and resourcing. We take the pain out of finding the right solutions and partners thanks to our own talented people and our network of Affiliate Partners.

Our global reach includes a presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Beijing, Dubai, London and New York.

The Way Forward

Our Services

The Delivering Group is ideally placed to create and execute recovery campaigns on behalf of clients in the tourism, travel and hospitality sectors. We have the experience, know-how and proven results.

We design and manage integrated online, social and offline sales, marketing, distribution programs that deliver increased customers and spend for our destination and hospitality industry clients across Asia Pacific and global markets.

Strategic Planning

In collaboration with clients, we develop a campaign framework of effective actions and messages to reactivate travel across all market segments to Hotels and Resorts as well as Tourism partners in a way that is compatible with your own brand positioning and recovery plans. Pre-opening Sales and Marketing, Distribution, Customer Service development.

Sales & Marketing Development

We develop opportunities for organisations, particularly small-to-medium size businesses, to participate at tiered levels of investment – across selected online and offline channels with trusted partners to maximise ROI.

Sales & Marketing Execution

We leverage both internal resources and external partners to deliver campaigns on time and on budget, with regular performance feedback via dashboards and tailored reports.

Hotel Operator Selection

Our strong relationships across the region in Asia Pacific and beyond allow us to advise you on the best Global Regional Hospitality Operators suited to manage your existing property or new developments.

Sales • Marketing • Distribution Organisation Audits

Hotel Chain and Hotel Specific Auditing Pricing, Sales & Marketing and Direct Revenue Platforms services.

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We provide in depth knowledge and contacts with advice and direction Regionally on Investment opportunities with third party relationships including Owners, Management Companies and Global Franchise partners.


Affiliated Partners

Market relevant Hotel/Resort Management and Branding Solutions across a suite of options in Asia Pacific and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence/Chat Bot solutions for the hospitality industry.

Strategic business leader optimizing business results proactively in Hotels and Resorts driven by data.
Book Tech Labs

"Book Tech" Tailor-made Online Interactive Booking/Revenue Management Solution & Distribution - Platform for Beach Clubs, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Resorts & Marinas.
Riviera Events

The premier event specialists in Greater China and South East Asia, delivering everything from concept creation and design, to event management and execution.
Valor Hospitality

A full service hotel/resort acquisition, development and management company, dedicated to reimagining flexible global hospitality solutions.
Design Assembly
An award winning Recruitment, Executive Search and Professional Training firm dedicated to the Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and Lifestyle Industries.
Spa Connectors

Spa Connectors offers comprehensive business, recruitment and training solutions for 5-star spas and wellness centers globally.
Six Star Global
A leading hospitality partner to provide technology consultancy, services and support to the hospitality industry.
The way forward

Our Hospitality Experience

We're keen to discuss your needs in more detail so we can tailor a relaunch strategy and campaign that will deliver the best results in a sustainable way.

We're confident of success because we offer unrivalled expertise when it comes to rebuilding and delivering increased tourism and travel to destinations and companies across Asia Pacific and globally.

Here are just a few examples...

Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix

Phoenix was widely recognised as one of the most successful collaborative recovery campaigns of its kind. Launched post-SARS in June 2003, it brought together public and private sector organisations to restore consumer and business confidence in travel to and within Asia Pacific.

Directed by Michael Yates with the support of PATA, Phoenix raised USD350,000 from NTOs and industry partners, reached 216 million households and arrested a six month tourism decline, boosting arrivals 2.9% and 8.2% in the following quarters. It also gave us plenty of learnings for GOOD TO GO.

The Big China Opportunity

The Big China Opportunity

For destinations and companies ready to tap into this vital re-emerging market, we are perfectly placed to help in Greater China. Our team in Beijing and across China specialises in online marketing, sales, events and consumer insights, with a strong client base in the hospitality, travel and corporate sectors.

Chinese traveler's appetite for traveling overseas will prevail despite the current pandemic, which, according to experts and industry players, will be a positive signal for the recovery of global tourism.

China is the biggest (tourist) source market, so the faster Chinese visitors can travel again internationally, the better for the global travel & tourism industry.

ASEAN rebranding

ASEAN Rebranding

In 2009, ASEAN felt it was time to revamp its tourism marketing and branding with the support of USAID and the ACE Project. Michael Yates was appointed to develop the new strategy. Over 3 months, he conducted a thorough analysis of ASEAN’s branding, target markets, segments and products, and identified a new marketing plan, with a detailed framework and budget for new operating model.

Many of the strategic recommendations were adopted including the creation of a new interactive portal and a rebrand to Southeast Asia – Feel the Warmth, which is still in use today. Some ASEAN countries are now exploring bilateral options for the resumption of travel, and we have the experience to help make it happen.

Covid Crisis Recovery for Hotels

Crisis Recovery

We have helped leading hospitality brands rebuild their business after external shocks, including natural and health-related disasters, as well as SARS in 2002/03 and the Global Financial Crisis in 2007/08. Clients managed globally in recovery included the Jumeirah Group, Anantara Resorts and Six Senses. Regional clients included Pavilions Resorts in Bali and Phuket.

We were engaged by Hong Kong & Shanghai Hotels to help manage the transition of the iconic Hong Kong tourism attraction, The Peak, through a two-year renovation, rebrand and relaunch. We developed a new brand identity and artwork, liaised with the Hong Kong tourism industry, and managed regional PR and communications.

Prestigious global clients that have worked with success with The Delivering Group

Jumeirah Group Globally
Anantara Resorts Globally
Six Senses Globally
Pavilions Resorts (Bali, Phuket)
The Sukhothai Bangkok
Karma Resorts
Lanesborough London
Hotel Del Paix (Park Hyatt) Siem Reap
Shinta Mani Group
The Sarojin
The Ritz London
Old Course St Andrews Hotel and Golf Resort Scotland

We're confident of success because we offer unrivalled expertise when it comes to rebuilding and delivering increased tourism and travel to destinations and companies across Asia Pacific and globally.

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